Husky Safaris with a genuine passion

We do husky safaris with a genuine passion for sled dogs, mushing and long adventurous sled dog races.

With 28 years of organizing husky safaris in Lapland we are confident of saying that you are in the best hands … or paws, when in our safaris. Our dogs take part to the longest sled dog races in Europe, and our head musher Aki Holck is one of the best long distance mushers in the country. Our racing dogs also run the safaris among our safari dogs.

Dog kennels are within a few minutes walk from the hotel and the safaris start near the hotel area. Safari routes run along the river ice, climb up to the top of fells and dive deep into arctic forests. The trails are exclusively in our use, there are no other safari companies operating and no mass departures of dog teams here. You can safely concentrate only in the dogs and the beautiful Arctic nature.

Add husky safari to your stay in Beana Laponia and you Lapland experience will be elevated quite in a different level.

We recommend combinations of husky safris.  Book both Beana Trail and Laponia Day, or two times Laponia Day to make it Double Laponia when you can have 2-days adventure but spent the night in your comfortable hotel bed instead of the forest cabin.